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At SteamKeysFree you can get yourself free Steam games. It's simple to get started and everybody can do it. Every time you complete an offer below, we grant you with 1 free Steam key that you can activate in your account straight away. Get many cool titles for free such as GTA V, CS:GO, ARK & Tekken 7.

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The concept is simple. It's easy and free to get random free Steam codes from us.

Watch the quick video and discover how you could be enjoying a brand new high quality game in 10 minutes from now.

About the project & FAQ

SteamKeysFree is a free service started in 2017. We know just how annoying it is to have to pay for all of the new game titles on Steam. It's expensive and irritating to have to settle for onlyone new titles when you could have them all. This is where we come into the picture. We give you the possibility of generating free Steam games right here on our website.

Our server is constantly filled with new and exciting Steam codes for all of the latest titles. This includes but is not limited to CS:GO, Battlefield 1, ARK & Resident Evil 7. We strive to give our users the same awesome gaming experience as anybody else - just as deserved! Our database also include free Steam codes for new titles you may not even have heard about yet. Maybe you will fall in love with a game you would not have heard about otherwise.

Every time you complete a free and quick offer, we will reward you with 1 random Steam game. If you did not get the title you wanted, do not be afraid. You can generate one free Steam key every single day. We strive to make SteamKeysFree a success, so if you enjoyed our service please do not hesitate telling your friends about it. Maybe you will even get game keys for the same title so you can enjoy the experience together!

How do I complete an offer for Free?

It is very simply, actually. There are many offers for each and every country. The offers shown to you, will depend on where you're from. If you're from France, you'll have french offers showing up.But all these offers work the same. On the offer page, it will ask you to verify using your phone number. You might notice that a subscription is mentioned, which costs money - And of course we do not to pay anything for this!Well, lucky for us, you can easily skip the payment thus making it completely free.

By law, you will always have 14 day return policy. This means that you can simply cancel the subscription immediately after getting your game.It's simple! Watch the video below to see the process.

How do I activate my game?

The wonderful people at Steam have made this a piece of cake to do. All you need to do to redeem your newly acquired free Steam code is to open up your Steam client. In the bottom left corner you have the option to click "Add a Game". Upon clicking, choose "Activate a product on Steam". A box will appear on your screen that allows you to enter your free Steam game key. The game will be added to your library and you can now permanently use this game for free.

Can I choose my own free Steam keys?

No, sadly you cannot choose your own free Steam games. Every time you complete an offer, which can be done once a day per IP address, you will receive a random Steam game on screen. Although you do not get to decide yourself, we promise you only the best. We are gamers ourselves. We know what is fun and what is not. Therefore, we have handpicked specific titles that we ourselves have enjoyed a lot. We hope you will like them too. There is no way to choose which game you want. We will, however, run certain happy hours once in a while where we announce a specific title that everybody will get.